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Key Stage 1 and 2 Statutory Assessment update

Key changes for 2016: Schools selected for LA external moderation Of Teacher Assessment judgements at KS1 and KS2 writing will not be notified of this until after  the data submission deadline which will be earlier than previous years.

National Teacher Assessment data submission dates:

  • Key stage 2 deadline: 27 May 2016
  • Key Stage 1 deadline: 13 June 2016

Schools will be advised shortly of spring term dates for moderation meetings specifically for colleagues in Year 2 and Year 6 which will include a briefing on what to expect if your school is selected for moderation. The emphasis will be on a scrutiny of the evidence provided however moderators will still wish to speak with teachers during their visit/

There are no significant changes to EYFS moderation and this process will remain as it has in previous years.

For further details, contact Shelley Duffy (KS1 and KS2) and Claire Sutherland (EYFS)


Funding for a transition project with Shakespeare’s Globe

The Shakespeare’s Globe have received some funding to extend our key stage 2 to 3 transition project to 3 London boroughs in the summer term of 2016. They are looking for a cluster of two primary schools and their most subscribed receiving secondary to take part in the programme. This would be free of charge to the schools. It is due to happen in the summer term of this year, and would comprise the following. A three-hour CPD for Year 6 and 7 teachers. Resources and edited versions of a script designed to support in-class teaching. A 90-minute workshop run by a Globe Education Practitioner for each class in Year 6 at their local secondary school.  A follow-up workshop for each Year 6 class at each primary school. These sessions will expand on some of the themes and activities explored previously, whilst also preparing pupils for an assembly-style sharing for teachers, pupils or parents. Workshops for each Year 7 class in the autumn in the secondary schools to work towards promenade performances. For more information, please email


Learning to live together: making sense of British values

This conference will offer participants an opportunity to develop an understanding of what we mean by ‘British values. Share good practice in developing an inclusive ethos in our schools. Meet and develop networks with practitioners from Tri-borough schools. Date, Friday 5th February 2016 at etc Venue Victoria. For further information, please contact Clare Sumpter,