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EYFS Conference February 2017. Inspiring Young Mathematician’s through play.


All the research tells us that we are born mathematical. So why is it sometimes so difficult to observe children being mathematical in their own play? Why do practitioners sometimes feel the need to plan focused, prescriptive activities in order to say the children in their care are learning maths or to tick a box? This inspirational, reassuring, practice affirming keynote speech will focus on developmentally appropriate practice, the power of play and the crucial role of the adult and environment in not only teaching children maths-but inspiring them to love it (and use it) for life! Click here to download flyer



Anti-Bullying Alliance. Social media is a fantastic way for us to reach people with messages about Anti-Bullying Week, and to share the brilliant activity happening all around the country. click here for more information


Women and BME Aspirant Leaders Programme

The TBAP Teaching School Alliance have n opportunity (for the 2nd year) to support 18 leaders aspiring to next stage promotion from Women and BME backgrounds, as funded by DfE Equalities and Diversity Fund.

Last years participants reported that 67% of them had secured or gained interview for next stage promotion within 3 months of the programme ending and 97% of them reported that it improved their own confidence and leadership skills.
This is not a programme that is focused on leading in Alternative Provision or SEND rather one that looks at the skills of leadership across all phases and sectors. We have secured some wonderful speakers including Natalie Scott – TES Blogger of the Year and Vivienne Porritt from IOE.

Women and BME Aspirant Leaders Programme Flyer