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.b or Paws.b courses for teachers/staff working in primary/secondary schools in the tri-borough.

The CAHMS funded project for supporting mental health in schools is coming to a close. With special agreement from the Mindfulness in Schools Project, we are still able to offer about 10 free places.

Funding includes the full cost of the 4 day .b training or the 3 day PAWS.b training. Please check the Mindfulness in Schools website for details of courses. and also the prerequisites for eligibility.

Please contact Carolyn Gelenter on for further information.


BUBBLE & SQUEAK: The Social Enterprise tackling food waste


A group of entrepreneurial children from West London are fighting food waste by selling surplus food in the school playground and to the local community. The initiative is led by 400 children aged 5 to 12 year olds from Old Oak Primary School & Old Oak Community Centre in East Acton.

They have named their social enterprise ‘Bubble & Squeak’, a nod to the traditional   English dish made using leftover vegetables. Emphasising healthy eating, their aim is to take edible surplus food such as fruit and vegetables from local businesses, markets and supermarkets and redistribute it to the local community on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis.

The food waste epidemic is a hot topic: 15 million tonnes of perfectly edible food is wasted in Britain every year.  Creative initiatives to fight food waste are sprouting up all over the globe. The children, for example, are inspired by the Real Junk Food Project’s ‘Food Waste Supermarket’ in Leeds.

The kids want to get their whole community involved in changing attitudes towards food waste.

They are launching a crowdfunding campaign on the 24 April to raise £4,500 for a  customised shipping container to store and sell the surplus food.

Helping the children with the project are adult coordinators Elly Harrington and Lydia Gandaa.

For more information contact Elly Harrington at / 07515946486, or Lydia Gandaa 02087437629 at Old Oak Primary School.


Becoming an Effective Subject Leader 18 May 2017

chris trevor

Special Event, Chris Trevor, Educational Consultant.

Chris presents the “Becoming an Effective Subject Leader” courses on behalf of the Geography Association, and is a member of their Primary geography Committee.   She provides bespoke staff meetings and INSET, and popular, interactive courses, training, and support for Primary KS1, KS2 and EYFS. All sessions present fun, engaging, child-centred, child-initiated activities and creative, cross-curricular approaches with rigour, challenge and progression.  More can be found on her website here.

Chris will be running a suite of workshop activities throughout the afternoon including leading effective geography and history in your primary school, practical history activities, developing map skills in geography and history as well as assessing history and geography with a progression of skills linked to these. Book your place here