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Christmas songs ring out as pupils wow in Hammersmith Town Hall

Local primary school pupils filled the town hall with their melodic voices at the council’s annual Christmas singing festival. Almost 400 pupils from 13 local schools took part, singing music written and arranged by composer Sally Greaves, and accompanied by musicians from the Royal College of Music. They sang carols and a range of traditional and modern songs, one piece by Sally was debuted at the event.

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Event News : Invitation to a special preview – H is for Harry (Film)

What does it take to change a child’s life? H is for Harry is a coming of age story about Harry, a charismatic 11-year old boy, who arrives at secondary school in suburban London unable to read or write. With the help of Sophie, his extremely dedicated teacher, can he overcome the illiteracy ingrained across generations of his family?

Against the backdrop of a Britain riven with debates around class, identity and social mobility, the film follows Harry over two years as he fights not only to improve academically but also to believe in a different future for himself. For more information, click here