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Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools Survey 2019

Welcome to the inaugural report of the Mental Health and Wellbeing in UK Schools.

The 21st Century brings a unique set of challenges to leaders in our education system. Years of funding reforms, austerity and an increasing complexity of needs have combined to cause a minefield of barriers for them to overcome in order to create a mental health friendly ethos for their pupils. Click here for more information Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools Survey 2019



LBHF Education SLA 2019 – 2020

Now that H&F’s sovereign education service has been established and embedded, we are offering an innovative and wider range of services. We have developed our wider offer with schools, and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your collaboration on this exciting journey. Thanks to this hard work we are now in a position to accept memberships for the inaugural year of the Learning Partnership. This will be an umbrella membership group delivering bespoke services dedicated to the needs of the individual school, with peer to peer support at the heart of the model: CPD, workforce reform, teaching and learning developments. Click here to download the latest SLA  LBHF Education SLA



Multi-Agency Safeguarding and Child Protection (level 3)

This full-day workshop includes a range of scenarios designed to explore the various risks children and young people face in our communities. There is more in depth knowledge around legislation and the child protection process is explored. The thresholds of intervention (early help, child in need and child protection) are examined and the referral process is outlined.

This workshop is suitable for those practitioners who work directly with children or parents. Those who attend this workshop should have a basic understanding of safeguarding and what to look out for (as in level 1 above) but they do not have to have attended the above course with the LSCB.

This course content is refreshed regularly and some practitioners are mandated to attend yearly. The other full-day specialist courses (below) can also meet this yearly update requirement. The half-day refresher (directly below) may also satisfy this. Please discuss with your safeguarding lead or manager if you are unsure.

For more information, click here.