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Children’s Services | Framework to Support School Effectiveness In Hammersmith and Fulham

This framework to support school improvement details how the Hammersmith and Fulham Education Service discharges the statutory responsibilities for the local authority (LA) in maintaining high quality standards of education and intervening in schools causing concern. Click here to read more


Tri-borough Music Hub – Programme of Continuing Professional Development Courses Spring 2020

The Tri-borough Music Hub provide regular opportunities for specialist music teachers and non-specialist teachers delivering music to develop their skills, share best practice in Music Education, meet and network with other music practitioners. Click here to download the spring term offer.


Press release from COP 25

Just as we’re facing a barrage of bad and worse news, a small English startup based on the outskirts of London has managed to buck the trend and actually deliver a message of hope for the future. The non-profit eduCCate Global organisation has partnered with the massive United Nations to produce a program which promises to revolutionise the teaching of climate change across the globe. Click COP25 PRESS RELEASE for more information