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COVID19 Testing for Nursery and Primary Children

LBHF Children’s Services and Public Health England have teamed up to understand how Coronavirus affects children who attend pre-school, primary or secondary schools. We wanted to know whether children can carry the virus without developing any symptoms and, whether they develop immunity against the virus. This information will be important because it will help us decide how to bring increased numbers of children and staff safely back to school after the lockdown. Five Primary Schools took part in the programme; Addison Primary School, St Mary’s RC Primary School, Normand Croft Primary School, Melcombe Primary School and Avonmore Primary. We tested over 300 children over 2 days with a team of Paediatric Doctors and Nurses from a number of settings across North West London. For more information about the programme, please click on the link below to hear Dr Nicola Lang, Director of Health for Hammersmith & Fulham.