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Early Years

Early Years Training Programme | Transitions in the Early Years

Young children experience many transitions in the first five years of their lives.  Our highly skilled practitioners at the Borough’s outstanding nursery schools will guide all early years practitioners to prepare children for transition.  The course has been developed in accordance with government legislation and sound early years practice.  Smooth transitions within the early years […]

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Early Years Training Programme | Child Development (with a focus on two-year-old development)

Our team of highly qualified and skilled professionals will equip staff to implement practice that values children’s individual experiences and levels of development.  Child Development is an essential element in the early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  You will be introduced to significant theories underpinning child development from birth to six in the context of human […]

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Early Years Training Programme | Inclusion in the Early Years (with a focus on children starting Reception)

All practitioners have a responsibility to contribute to promoting a culture of equality, dignity, courtesy and respect throughout their provision. This course introduces the key equality principles and legal requirements which apply to all staff working in early years settings. An opportunity to see inclusive practice within the context of an early years setting and […]

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