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Newly Qualified Teachers

NQT Induction Programme : Using and Analysing Data KS1/KS2 – 26 April 2018

Accurate recording, use and analysis of data in assessment, and tracking pupil progress are necessary skills for teachers. This session will introduce key data, commonly used terminology, systems and practice used in schools. In this session NQTs will have an opportunity to learn from experienced school practitioners, share good practice, discuss progress and compare assessment […]

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NQT Induction Programme : Child Development and SEAL/D KS1/2 -24/05/18

In this session NQTs consider how psychological theories of child development influence the way teaching and learning is approached. They will explore and refresh their knowledge of the range of influential theories of child development through various psychological models of child development. NQTs will be encouraged to reflect on the implications for children’s learning in […]

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