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Primary Teaching & Learning

NQT KS1 & KS2: Progression in writing

In this session, NQTs will explore the teaching sequence for writing, moving pupils from reading into writing, and from modelled and shared to independent writing. NQTs will discuss the importance of using good quality texts as a stimulus for writing as well as providing opportunities for speaking and listening and drama to enable pupils to […]

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NQT EYFS Early Years Data Surgery

Accurate recording and tracking pupil progress is a necessary skill for teachers. This session will look at what constitutes a good level of development in the early years and how to support the development of provision to meet the needs of pupils in their classes. NQTs will have the opportunity to develop their confidence in […]

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NQT KS1 & KS2: Progression In Mathematics

Planning For Progression In Mathematics. A clear and consistent approach to the teaching of written calculation is key to child’s mathematical development. For NQTs, the process of becoming confident in teaching calculations can be quite daunting. This session aims to address this, providing NQTs with a robust foundation in numeracy in Primary school. Please ensure […]

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NQT KS1 & KS2: IT and Computing

The use of technology presents an invaluable opportunity to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. This session is designed to equip NQTs with an understanding of what the national curriculum for computing is for their phase with some practical hands on tasks and ideas that can be put into practice in the classroom. This […]

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NQT EYFS Forest School

This whole day session will explore the benefits of learning in a natural outdoor environment. The day will consist of a visit to a forest school – transport provided. NQTs will observe the ethos and practice of a forest school. NQTs will learn about the principles of a forest school and how one setting organises […]

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NQT Induction Tutor Training – It is highly recommended that all new Tutors attend this training and for those who have experience, it will prove a useful refresher course.

This session is designed to give Induction Tutors an opportunity to explore, or refresh understanding of the requirements of the statutory induction process, and the knowledge and skills required to be an effective tutor. We will consider the implications of school closures and shortened ITE experience due to Covid-19, and how these might be addressed […]

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