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Learning Partnership Connect | Maths with Storm Martini 19 March 2019


The Learning Partnership is proud to offer a new, free resource for primary school maths teachers in Spring and Summer 2019.

What is being offered?

  • Two hours CPD a term
  • This meeting is for maths leads
  • It’s going to increase productivity and help reduce time spent lesson planning
  • Sharing of ideas in an easy, accessible, and free forum


How are we going to achieve this?

  • We are looking for your best ideas
  • Finding solutions to difficulties in a dynamic and nurturing environment
  • Online forum to assist with lesson plans and sharing of┬áresources


Who will lead this?

  • Current teacher with ten years teaching experience
  • Up to date with strains and pressures and how it can be relieved


Innovative. Ground-breaking! Collaborative.

This could potentially benefit other schools and boroughs and it starts with you!

Date Time Venue Capacity Charges
19 March 2019 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Lilla Huset 24 Free to LBHF Schools

Date: 19 March 2019
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Venue: Lilla Huset
Capacity: 24
Charges: Free to LBHF Schools

This event is no longer available for booking.
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