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NQT Induction : Planning for Progression in Mathematics – 27 February 2020

A clear and consistent approach to the teaching of written calculation is key to a childs mathematical development.  For NQTs the process of becoming confident in teaching calculations can be quite daunting,  This session aims to address this, providing NQTs with a robust foundation in numeracy in Primary school.

Please register using following link: Planning for progression in mathematics KS1/KS2

Date Time Venue Capacity Charges
27 February 2020 1:30 pm - 4:15 pm St Marylebone Teaching School 30 Free for Schools in the Enhanced NQT SLA

Date: 27 February 2020
Time: 1:30 pm - 4:15 pm
Venue: St Marylebone Teaching School
Capacity: 30
Charges: Free for Schools in the Enhanced NQT SLA

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