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Learning Partnership | Peer review with Hammersmith and Fulham

Welcome to our exemplary practice pages

Our peer review work with primary schools in the Hammersmith and Fulham Learning Partnership, since the Local Authority became sovereign in April 2018, has taught us that there is a great deal of exceptionally good practice in the borough. Information about each school’s exemplary practice can be found in Hammersmith and Fulham’s Learning Partnership brochures and you are warmly invited to visit these schools to find out how to implement similar work in your own schools.

Jan Parnell

Assistant Director of Education


Introduction to Peer Review

Hammersmith & Fulham learning partnership peer reviews have begun to establish themselves as a key component in developing collaboration between all of our schools. The aim of the peer review process is to support the schools in validating their own judgements about aspects of its quality of education. Each host school identifies an area for further improvement as well as showcasing a particular strength for the benefit of the wider schools community in the learning partnership. The review team is made up of heads and deputies from two other schools. This is a constructive approach to school improvement that offers an expert perspective on the school’s chosen themes. An external Ofsted trained consultant facilitates the process.

Underpinning peer review is the commitment to fostering school-to-school professional development, networks and partnerships, After the peer review  has ended, headteachers and senior leaders continue to share, discuss and develop their practice together.

We are disseminating Hammersmith and Fulham learning partnership’s unique strengths more widely. Through our ‘best practice’ brochures we expect that the process of professional development will continue to dynamically develop. Our learning partnership schools are open to visits from leaders and teachers in other local schools. In future we intend to build more structured post-review visits and local school-to-school partnerships.

Lesley Leak

Head of School Effectiveness

All Saints Primary School

Avonmore Primary School

Bayonne Nursery

Brackenbury Primary School

The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School

James Lee Nursery School

St John XXIII Catholic Primary School

Melcombe Primary School

Miles Coverdale Primary School

Normand Croft Community School

Old Oak Primary School

Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre

St. John’s Walham Green CE Primary School

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

St Stephen’s C of E Primary School

Vanessa Nursery School

Wendell Park Primary School

Wormholt Park Primary School

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For more information please email each school directly. Contact details are provided on each brochure, or you can look on each school website.

If would like to get involved in Peer Review, please email