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School Health and Safety


The following is an introduction to the key details and benefits of the LBHF Health and, Safety SLA provided by LBHF (for the full SLA please get in contact with

Hammersmith & Fulham Council wishes to provide schools with high quality health and safety support, advice, guidance and training through the provision of well trained and informed professional staff. The purpose of this Service Level Specification is to provide clarification as to health & safety service provision to schools via the Corporate Safety Team and other colleagues within the Council.

The service specification consists of a combination of free-to-all, Dedicated School Grant funded and charged services. The provision of services to each school will be dependent on the school’s employment status and funding arrangements. Service charges are based upon cost recovery rather than profit, thereby ensuring that competitive rates are set for the services offered.

For core buy-back services there would be a set fee for a set period of time. Charges for training and other additional work will be based upon the type of service provided but indicative values have been provided in the Pricing Schedule.


These elements of the service specification are free to all Hammersmith & Fulham educational establishments, no matter the funding status:

  • School Staff Zone: The provision and use of the guidance and templates provided on the Health & Safety pages of School Staff
  • Forums and Workshops: The attendance of a member of the H&S team at school related and/or school managed forums including Heads Forum, Primary and Secondary Business Managers meetings and any other ad hoc
  • Newsletter and School Communications: Provision of a H&S Newsletter and other communications relating to health and safety

Dedicated School Grant Funded Service

The following services are available free to schools that are funded via the Dedicated School Grant (Community*, Voluntary Aided, Trust and Foundation)

  • Contact Visits: Regular contact visits to support and enable schools to successfully self-manage health and safety on a day-to- day
  • Email and Telephone Advice: The provision of advice and guidance to school- based staff
  • CLEAPSS: Access to CLEAPPS guidance, Newsletters, Telephone Helpline etc
  • Accident Reporting: Access to LBHF accident reporting Review of accident details by competent person and statutory reporting of incidents to the Health and Safety Executive under RIDDOR requirements.
  • Accident Investigation: Undertaking of accident/incident investigations by a competent person and generation of report with recommendations for remedial action.
  • Enforcing Authority: Support, advice and guidance during formal investigations, inspections and visits by enforcing authorities (OfSTED, HSE and LFB).
  • Staff Issues, Complaints and Claims: Support, advice and guidance for specific staff related issues as well as civil claims, complaints from parents, staff or Trades Union Representatives
  • Contractors: General support, advice and guidance on the selection of competent contractors.
  • Construction Work: General support, advice and guidance on the meeting of clients’ duties under CDM Regulations.
  • Educational Visits: Access to the EVOLVE system and approval process for any school trips undertaken as part of the learning outside the classroom agenda.
  • H&S Audit*: Evaluation of H&S compliance through a supportive assurance programme of audits and site visits.

*These elements are compulsory for Community schools to ensure the Council meets its legal obligations and LBHF may prioritize the areas of review.

Traded Services

Core Buy-Back

Academy, Free and Private schools may buy-back into the service offered by the Corporate Safety Team to DSG funded schools as a core buy-back for a set period of time.Where schools wish to buy-back into the core services, a Service Level Agreement will be drawn up between Hammersmith & Fulham Council and the school.

Further details can be obtained from the LBHF School Health & Safety Team

Ad-Hoc Chargeable Services

The following are available:

  • Training (Adult Learning and Skills Service): A comprehensive range of learning and development opportunities are offered via the ALSS in conjunction with the School Health and Safety Schools will be made aware of the courses available at the commencement of the autumn term


The following are indicative costs. For further details please contact the relevant persons below.

Buy Back Annual Cost

Nursery, £600

Primary £1200

Secondary £2400

Chargeable Services

Training ALSS and in-house – Each course will be quoted individually but indicative costs are £60 for half-day and £120 for a full-day.

Other Services (H&S policy writing) –  The rate per day will be £100 per hour or £500 for a day (8 hours)


Paul Barton, Head of Health & Safety

Phone:    007917 553589



Training and Development Unit:

Phone:0208 753 4696


Lisa Lamb, Training Adult Learning and Skills

Phone:    020 8753 6335