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Specialist Dyslexia, Literacy & Numeracy Support Service


“inventive games, achievable daily goals with regular feedback and suggestions…nothing beats the input from a dedicated teacher who knows and understands our child’s individual needs…” Primary School, parent

The SDLNS Service is part of Inspire (Inclusion and specialist intervention outreach service) in Hammersmith and Fulham. The SDLNSS  teachers  all have higher level qualifications in teaching and assessing pupils with specific learning difficulties.

The team have wide teaching experience in mainstream schools. They work in schools providing support for children with literacy/ numeracy difficulties, carry out diagnostic assessments, provide recommendations to accelerate learning and  inform the assess, plan, do, review cycle.

A bespoke service is provided to match individual schools’ needs and capacity. We work closely with school staff, parents and Governors. to provide personalized learning for pupils.

Our team supports the delivery of quality first teaching, together with personalized, targeted provision which is planned and implemented on a flexible individual school level. The team are able to work with small groups and individual pupils. Training and resources can be provided to school staff supporting identified pupils

The package of assessments, planning and specialist teaching on offer will support schools to facilitate closing the gap between identified pupils and their peers. This service can provide part of schools targeted local offer provision and support a post COVID 19 recovery plan.

In the event of school closures the service will continue to support with remote and distance education as required. This involves: advising on suitable software and online learning programmes; sharing resources for schools to use to support pupils with literacy/numeracy difficulties; preparing individualised resources for pupils; video conferencing or teaching where appropriate; liaising with school based professionals, children, young people and parents; advising parents on effective ways to support their children at home. The focus is on practices that aim to compensate for lost instructional time and give additional support to those identified by the school.

Statutory and Core Offer

The service supports the statutory functions of the SEN and vulnerable children’s department in delivering specialist assessment advice and interventions. We also participate in the weekly SEN panels for resourcing, and applications for Education Health and Care Needs Assessments.

Where a pupil has a specialist dyslexia teacher identified in their education, health and care plan, the service can provide this support. This can include assessing, target setting, direct teaching, advice and resources for school staff, training, liaising with parents and professionals, reporting to and participation in annual reviews.

The service works in close collaboration with schools and parents to maximise outcomes for children and young people with SEN in local provisions.

Traded offer for LBHF Schools

Hourly rate with a minimum purchase of 2.5 hours weekly for an academic year. £75 per hour

Full Assessment per year. £600

School based training – prices on application 

Independent and out of borough schools – prices on application

The service provided can be targeted at a whole school, group or individual level and offers the following:
Independent and out of Borough Schools – Price on application

  • Diagnostic assessments and teaching of pupils with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia) and/or literacy difficulties.
  • Numeracy assessment
  • Baseline assessment, target setting, tracking and evaluation of pupil’s
  • Advice on planning individual evidence based intervention
  • Direct teaching for individual pupils or small
  • Contribute to annual
  • Parent consultations
  • Advice for schools to support curriculum access for pupils with specific learning difficulties, literacy and numeracy difficulties.
  • Training for teachers and support staff through school-based INSETS and borough wide
  • Assessments for exam access arrangements including GCSE and A

Diagnostic standardised assessments provided include the following areas:

  • Reading – comprehension accuracy, fluency/ reading
  • Phonological
  • Processing
  • Working
  • Auditory
  • Numeracy
  • Visual-Motor

Flexible INSET for teachers and LSAs is available on a variety of topics including:

  • Dyslexia awareness
  • Supporting pupils with reading
  • Supporting pupils with spelling and writing
  • Identifying and supporting pupils with numeracy difficulties.
  • Development of whole school specialist teaching skills – classroom strategies and approaches that work
  • Developing dyslexia friendly

SDLNSS teachers’ time is bought back in a minimum of two and a half hour blocks per week for a year.

Schools are requested to buy in the support for a full academic year. In the case that the provision is no longer required, the school must give one term’s notice.

Specialist teachers will agree a yearly Service Delivery Plan (SDP) with the school and send the headteacher a copy by half term.

Within two weeks of the beginning of term, specialist teachers will provide agreements which specify the number of teaching hours per week and the number of teaching weeks for the term.

Specialist teachers will attend at the times negotiated with the school. Where a teacher is unable to attend, e.g. through illness, the school will be informed immediately. Specialist teachers will provide where appropriate an initial assessment and termly progress reports for the pupils they teach. Outcomes of work undertaken will be discussed annually to inform future practice and to ensure that expectations from schools are clearly met and evaluated.


Please identify within your application a staff member for us to liaise with to ensure we are responsive to your request.

For further information please contact:

Alison Leao

Senior Specialist Practitioner Manager: SENCO and Inclusion


Phone: 07920 232590